ETSS Wicklow has already established a flourishing mathematics tradition. Our students have placed among the top prize winners in the National Mathematics Olympiad, while our plans for teaching and learning have been published by the Department of Education Support Services as exemplars of teaching and learning plans.
Mathematics for Junior Cycle in ETSS Wicklow provides relevant and challenging opportunities for all students to become mathematically proficient so that they can cope with the mathematical challenges of daily life.
What is happening in maths classes at ETSS Wicklow? During class students gain conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and operations. They build upon their procedural fluency in Mathematics classes by being given time to carry out procedures flexibly, accurately, efficiently and appropriately. There is an emphasis among the teaching staff on building strategic competence in students—that is the ability to formulate, represent, and solve mathematical problems in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts. Students have the opportunity to develop their adaptive reasoning in class— their capacity for logical thought, reflection, explanation, justification and communication.
ETSS Wicklow promotes maths as an important subject so that students can develop a positive attitude to their studies.  Students are given the opportunity to see mathematics as sensible, useful, and worthwhile, coupled with a belief in diligence, perseverance and one’s own efficacy.