• Visual Art for Junior Cycle is a subject that promotes learning creatively, through the main strands of Art, Craft and Design. 
  • Visual Art students will learn a number of practical skills in all areas of Art, Craft and Design and will learn how to apply these creative skills to situations outside of the Visual Art class. 
  • It also involves learning to look at the world around us and developing the skills to question and discuss the visual – a skill that is very much needed by this cohort of young people who are bombarded by imagery each and every day. 
  • In this way, Visual Art promotes independent thinkers – a skill that we strive to develop in each student here at Educate Together Secondary School Wicklow.  
  • Other skills learned by students of Visual Art include that of taking responsibility for their own learning, organisation, working on their own or as part of a team, problem solving, emotional intelligence and empathy.  
  • Over the last number of years, the subject of Visual Art has evolved to incorporate less traditional forms of creativity and visual culture, such as the study of architecture, the creation of installations and even experimenting with photography and digital media, as well as the more traditional approaches of painting, drawing and sculpture. In this way, there will always be a project that caters to each learners interests and individual learning styles. 
  • Visual Art is a subject that benefits the overall wellbeing of students, in that it gives them an outlet to express their identity in a creative manner.  


Artists of the Month at ETSS Wicklow in March 2021 are Ava Li Blount and Oscar Finn O’ Brien! Ava painted a stunning Impressionist inspired oil painting and Oscar has drawn an equally impressive portrait in pencils for the Texaco Art Competition. Beautiful work and very well done, Oscar and Ava!