We have some exciting news to share with you all! Our MFL teachers, Sheena Roche and Esther Byrne, have secured a whopping €61,000 funding from the Erasmus Plus program. This is a great achievement and opportunity for our school and students  to travel abroad and collaborate with other European schools. The lengthy application process was worth it, and we can't wait to see the positive impact it will have on the students' learning experience. This funding will open up doors to new cultures, languages, and perspectives, and we are grateful to have such dedicated and hardworking teachers on our ETSSW team. We would like to congratulate Sheena Roche and Esther Byrne on their accomplishment and thank them for their commitment to providing excellent opportunities for our students. We look forward to seeing the exciting projects that will come from this funding in the future.

Sound Therapy Sessions

As part of the SCP program, first and second-year students were invited to attend a sound therapy session with project worker Ben this week. The session aimed to help students reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, and promote overall wellbeing. The students were guided through a series of relaxation exercises while listening to calming sounds and music. Many students found the experience to be very helpful and reported feeling more relaxed and centered. ETSS Wicklow plans to offer more sound therapy sessions in the future to continue supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our students.

                                                                                   A Relaxing Set-Up

Maths Problem of the Week Initiative

Maths teacher Lucy has been promoting math across the school for the last year by presenting students with a 'problem of the week' on a Monday.  These problems have real-life practical outcomes that engage students at all levels.  To encourage participation, we  recognise mathematicians of the month with certificates. So don't be shy, give it a try and see if you can solve the problem of the week! Check back next week for the answer and a new challenge. Let's continue to make math fun and engaging for everyone!

Some clubs and activities on offer for next week are as follows:


  • Book Club with Grace and Sarah
  • Lunch-time sports with Andrei
  • After-school Boys (Senior and Junior) Basketball with Lucy


  • Lunch-time Board games with Dara
  • Lunch-time Sports with Andrei
  • LGBTQ+ and Allies Lunch Time Club
  • Lunch-time School Press Team
  • After school Girls Volleyball with Andrei
  • After school Girls Basketball with Francisco
  • Evening Study 4 – 6 pm


  • After school boys soccer training
  • After-school girls GAA training
  • After school Mixed Volleyball
  • After-school Maths Support Centre


  • Lunch-time sports with Andrei
  • Lunch-time Book club
  • Lunch-time Origami Club
  • After school Boys Volleyball with Andrei
  • Evening Study 4 – 6 pm


  • Lunch-time Sports with Andrei
  • Lunch-time Lego Club
  • Lunch-time Model United Nations Club with James
  • Lunch-time Green Schools with Ali