Exciting opportunity at ETSS Wicklow

What is the Equestrian club?

Interschools showjumping began in 1990 and has since developed into the organisation called the Equestrian Interschools Ireland (EEI). EEI now offers its members a wide variety of competitions, including: a team national league, open, novice and premier individual classes, and invitational interschools championship against NI schools' teams. EEI also runs interschool dressage, eventing and hunter trial competitions.

The EEI run events for students of all abilities, with Novice (80cm), Open (95cm –1m) and Premier (1.10m) classes. Events are held during the weekend, all over the country and are run by schools and/or equestrian centres.

 ** Due to current Covid-19 restrictions all competitions scheduled to take place in 2020 up to Christmas are cancelled or postponed**

How do I take part?

As ETSSW is a new school, we are not in the position to have a team yet, so we assist individual student who want to represent the school in individual competitions in becoming members of the EEI. It is the schools aim to have an interschools team in the coming years.

All information on how to become a member can be found on the EEI website.

What does Equestrian club have to offer my son/daughter?

Most equestrian competitions are individual competitions. EEI offers students the opportunity to work as a team, meet students from other year groups within the school and students from other schools.