The objective at ETSS Wicklow is that students experience different types of learning in a blended approach - through technology, through writing, speaking and group work etc... - using iPads is an important element of our commitment to technology in this blended approach to education for many reasons: 

  • students learn to collaborate in projects and presentations
  • they can access an unlimited supply of resources
  • they can learn through a more customized learning approach e.g. by using features of the accessibility function in settings 
  • students can use their iPads as organisational tools
  • they can experience greater engagement in learning activities through a student-centred approach
  • iPads allow teachers to teach in more progressive and interesting ways
  • iPads bring parents/guardians more into the learning process – parents/guardians hold control functions for the iPad and can avail of training on best practice for using the devices
  • iPads prepare students for the world of tomorrow where technology is becoming increasingly important in every career

It is true that iPads also present challenges - too much screen time is a legitimate concern for parents and guardians - this is why getting our blended approach right is so important at ETSS Wicklow. We find that the use of iPads supports our blended approach to learning because they introduce students to books, news, pictures, short films and an endless list of materials which inspire discussions, group work, projects, research, critical thinking and problem-solving. Additionally, not only do we work on a blended approach in class time, but also in free time - ETSS Wicklow is a screen-free zone during break times and lunch times. Students use these times to socialise with their peers and develop new interests in various school clubs such as the debating, music, art and reading. 

We believe that blending methodologies made possible by technology along with traditional educational methodologies will help us provide the very best education for this generation of students.  Learn more about how technology can advance educational experiences in the videos below from the 2020 London Bett Conference on technology in the classroom:

                                  Bett Conference 2020 - Day 2

                                               BETT CONFERENCE 2020 - DAY 3

information from iPad information evening for incoming students