ETSS Wicklow offers learning support to students with special educational needs (SEN) in the mainstream setting. The school also has a special class for students diagnosed with autism. The school is committed to the principle of equal access to education for all students and welcome students with special educational needs wherever possible within the parameters of a mainstream setting and the special class. All students who accept a place in ETSS Wicklow become part of the school community and are treated equally under our Code of Behaviour.

In order to assess and provide for special educational needs,  the school requests all relevant records, including reports from the primary school, psychological reports and any other information deemed necessary. This information must be provided when a place is accepted at ETSS Wicklow so that the student can be added to the SEN Register where supports are put in place. School Support Plans (SSPs) and/or Personal Support Plans (PPPs) are developed for students on the SEN Register. Plans are reviewed at the end of each term and adjusted as required. 

Additional supports available in SSPs/PPPs are:

  • Differentiated teaching approach
  • Learning support (in class or withdrawal)
  • SNA support
  • Planned stretch breaks 
  • Support with medical issues
  • Assistive technology (applications made to the NCSE)
  • Reasonable accommodation in certificate examinations (RACE)
  • A place in the autism class (as per Admissions Policy)

All students are expected to study Irish unless they have an official exemption from the Department of Education as per Section 2.2 of Circular 0053/2019.

Students who show in assessment tests that they are in need of literacy and/or numeracy support will be given learning support where possible. Sometimes we advise parents/guardians to seek a psychological assessment for their child in order to qualify for additional supports.

Students meeting certain criteria in specific tests or having specific recommendations in their psychological assessments may get reasonable accommodation in state exams. They may be entitled to a spelling and grammar waiver, a scribe or the use of a digital recorder for answers in these exams. The school will organise the application and the final decision rests with the Department of Education. Accommodations granted at Junior Cycle are not guaranteed at Leaving Certificate.


  • Family applies for a place at the school for their child and completes the section requesting SEN support - documentation supporting this request is submitted with the application or at the school office as soon as possible afterwards
  • Meetings are organised with the principal/deputy principal and Special Educational Need Coordinator (SENCO) to discuss the application for SEN support further
  • Once the documentation is in place, the student is added to the SEN Register at the school
  • The SENCO will draw up a Student Support Plan (SSP)/Personal Pupil Plan (PPP) for the student (taking into account  official reports placed on file, information from the family, reports from the primary school, information from assessment tests carried out at the school and with reference to available resources in the school)
  • The SENCO informs the family and the child of the plan to be put in place and the supports available - there is an opportunity here for adjustments to the plan before it comes into effect
  • The SSP/PPP is communicated to relevant staff members
  • All SSPs and PPPs for new students are reviewed at Christmas & Easter - the reviews are timed in this way because an important part of the process is to give plans time to work 
  • Plans for students already enrolled and on the SEN Register are also reviewed at the start of the year


An important principle for the school is that students are treated equally. We ask parents/guardians to use the table below to work out the best point of contact for any issues which arise: 

Questions about subjects and issues of the day in class Subject teachers and learning support teachers
 Wellbeing issues Class Tutor
 General School Business School Secretary/Year Head
 All other issues  Principal and Deputy Principal


The SENO supports parents and guardians by providing information and engaging with other professionals working with your child. SENOs process transport and assistive technology applications and forward them to the Department of Education for sanction. SENOs also provide parents with advice and useful tips on transition from primary school to post primary school.  

The SENO for ETSS Wicklow is David Newton who can be contacted by email: david.newton@ncse.ie and by phone: 01 6033385