Coding is highly valued in the modern workplace

Computer science is present in every aspect of modern society. Students experience this in their day to day lives, for example, correctly-functioning software systems allow airplanes to fly from one city to another; give out money at the ATM and diagnose the level of glucose in your blood. Coding has allowed us to develop reusable rockets and to run space stations. It's powerful. 

Fundamental understanding of how computer hardware and software operate and relate to everyday life is an increasingly important area of learning for students now and will continue to be so into the future.

The ETSS Wicklow short course in Coding aims to develop the student’s ability to formulate problems logically. The abilities of problem solving and computational thinking are developed by creating software projects using their own ideas and imagination. Students learn to design, write and test code through the development of programs, apps, games, animations and websites.

In this short course, students can build on any coding skills acquired in primary or just start coding for the first time. Th course offers insight into possible future studies in computer science and software engineering.

There can be billions of lines of code in a product or service as illustrated in the photos below.  An interesting facts for future coders is the human genome is actually a natural sequence of code allowing our bodies to function, with the the brain being the most complex computer known to humankind. It is estimated that the human genome contains over 3,300 billion lines of code .

Coding is a universal language shaping the future