Policy development starts by discussing a policy as an item on the agenda of a staff meeting and then putting in place a steering committee of staff volunteers to prepare a draft policy for everyone to consider. The draft policy is reviewed and amended by staff and once staff are agreed on the text for the policy, this draft policy is forwarded to the PSA (parents' association) for discussion leading to recommendations for amendments and then on to the Student Council for further discussion and further suggestions for amendments. The Board of Management consider all the proposals for amendment and make decisions as to whether these should be adapted and then the Board decides whether to adapt the policy or to send it back to the staff for further development. 

Preparing a draft policy involves reviewing present structures, researching new developments and new guidelines from the Department of Education and other relevant educational agencies. It is important also to learn about policies in operation in other secondary schools. Then its time to hold lots of discussions about how best to construct the policy for ETSS Wicklow.

It takes time and commitment from a lot of people to create a policy.  Of course, an important part of the process for keeping policies up to date and ensuring that they continue to serve the requirements of the school is to have a review plan whereby all policies are reviewed periodically and any updates that make them more effective are identified and adapted.  The Board of Management is really grateful to everyone for all their work in bringing  policies through to ratification and for working on the review process.