Educate Together Secondary School Wicklow is working towards an Ireland in which all people have access to an excellent education that is inclusive of all, irrespective of belief system, race, ethnicity, class, culture, gender, language, lifestyle and ability.


In order to achieve our vision, our school works to -

  • support innovative methodologies and approaches (project-based learning, self-paced learning, research-based learning) 
  • provide a secure and inspirational setting in the school and in the classrooms to build enthusiasm for learning
  • challenge every student to reach their full potential in each subject
  • promote the philosophies of 'the joy of learning' and 'life-long learning'
  • differentiate the learning approach for individual students
  • create platforms where student voice has a real influence in how the school grows 
  • build strong communication links
  • encourage students to take pride in their achievements and appreciate the achievements of others
  • open dialogue parents about their roles in supporting the school and helping us to achieve our vision
  • be supportive of students and staff in their daily work in the school
  • create data streams and opportunities to share feedback as part of our own self-evaluation leading to democratic decisions for positive improvement of service 
  • put in place policies and procedures agreed by the school community to ensure the school operates safely and securely
  • establish strong links with the community to extend educational experiences and connect learning to the outside world